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Top 11 famous apps built with Flutter Framework
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Sofia Khomutova
COO & Co-Founder
February 27, 2022
4 min read

Top 11 famous apps built with Flutter Framework

Top 11 famous apps built with Flutter Framework

In 2015 Google developed the Flutter framework. And in recent times, many app developers have opted for this open-source framework as one of the best cross-platform solutions. Its seamless technology enables them to build apps with a single codebase that runs on multiple platforms. Also, as the Flutter framework is the primary platform for Fuchsia, it is generally believed that Google may eventually use it to replace the Android operating system, and it may, in turn, keep all apps built with Flutter as stock on the new OS. If this rumor will be proven can only be known over time! However, one of the most significant things about Flutter is that it is developer-friendly. 

In other words, you can develop an app once and cross-compile them for multiple platforms with Flutter while exploring new features. This solution allows app developers to enjoy easy and extensive documentation. And to add to this provision, the flutter framework also offers you the ability to preview changes in real-time, highly delivering performance applications, working with less-resource-intensive designs, and many more benefits. There is no doubt that this is an easy-to-use SDK (software development kit). The growing number of apps built with Flutter will convince any would-be developer of the choice of the framework. Flutter gave rise to many modern applications on Android and iOS, and these include Google Ads, Xianyu by Alibaba, Lunching, Hamilton, Pairing, Watermaniac, and many others.

Out of many apps built with Flutter, some have grown to become more popular than others, and below is a closer look at these unique applications. 

Top Apps Built with Flutter

Google Ads

This platform is one of the most popular apps built with Flutter. The application came into existence on the 23rd of October, 2000, and it was widely received with excitement by digital marketers. With Google Ads, you can view advertisements and campaigns related to you based on your interests, and you can also track your advertisement in real-time. This online advertising platform offers extensive services, good coverage for products, and other web content marketing. Google Ads is outstanding for allowing services under a pay-per-click (PPC) pricing model, and the placements can be in the results of search engines, websites, mobile apps, and any online platform. With the new Google Ads app, developers can have better insight, receive campaign management alerts, and edit current campaigns while contacting the Google experts.

Deeply: Meditation & Self-Care

Deeply is a free meditation app that includes the following features: the guided meditations, relaxing music and soundscapes, offline listening and many others! It’s extremely useful tool to stay calm, relax the mind and reduce stress and anxiety. 


Experts use the Reflectly app to assist users in coping with any mental health issues. Reflectly is one of the apps built with Flutter. And it is an AI-powered personal journaling application that combines cognitive-behavioral therapy, meditation, and positive psychology to help users cope with daily stress, resolve negative thoughts, and maintain positive vibes. It enables users to express their wellness, and it teaches how to care for mental health. As can be deduced, Reflectly provides essential services, and at the height of this speaks of the uniqueness and significance of apps built with Flutter. Many online users across the globe refer to Reflectly for enlightenment on mental issues. 

Reflectly app built with Flutter

Xianyu by Alibaba

As one of the apps built with Flutter, Xianyu has more than 200 million registered users on the app, and over 10 million of these subscribers are active and using the app regularly. It is the second biggest retail platform of Alibaba Group, and it has grown to take a large share of the online market. Apps built with Flutter explores its seamless technology, and this has helped Xianyu by Alibaba to be maintained in real-time using a single codebase. The functionalities within the space are clear evidence of the creativity the Flutter framework permits, and there is still room to these spice up with every new update by the developers. 

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Hamilton app

Hamilton is a musical app - the official most well-known and award-winning Broadway musicals built with the Flutter framework. With the way, the developer created Hamilton, the band's massive group of fans are informed of all music news. It also includes a karaoke function to sing along to their favorite songs, a regular quiz game, and access to a variety of Hamilton lottery games, as well as exclusive videos and slideshows. Anyone who has been on this platform can excitedly talk about how much the app is user-friendly. The developer created this app to work on Android as well as on the iOS platform. Also, as one of the apps built with Flutter, it is faster and more exciting to explore. Apps built with Flutter can easily be delivered at a higher level of quality, and this is what the developer of Hamilton has achieved. 

Hamilton app built with Flutter


KlasterMe simplifies the posting process and creates attractive designs for user's content. For every KlasterMeer, this is an exclusive feeling! The functionality of this app gives credence to the technology framework, and this is common among the apps built with Flutter. KlasterMe is an online platform where contents are shared; and where users can build their page, add images, blogs, articles, research surveys, and entries. Also, it allows the users to share creations with people on their social media. With KlasterMe, users have the chance to connect and inspire creativity. One of the most common things about apps built with Flutter is the quality of the platforms created, and this can be seen in the quality of the images and the user interface of this app. The cross-platform functionality of KlasterMe makes for the viability of apps built with Flutter. The developer has made the app available on Android and iOS platforms.

KlasterMe app built with Flutter


Watermaniac is one of the apps built with Flutter, and it is currently riding on the creativity of this widely acclaimed framework. As a lightweight water monitoring application on Flutter, Watermaniac helps people to control their consumption. Users can track their water consumption and keep a record of how much water they have already consumed and how much more they need to consume. There are some functionalities in the app to create reminders at intervals and give you a hundred percent monitoring experience. The Flutter framework enables developers to manage and upgrade this application as desired. As specific as with all the apps built with Flutter, Watermaniac helps people to maintain an optimal health balance.

Watermaniac app built with Flutter


Gradually, Instagram is becoming the most used social media platform. The innovation and creativity on Instagram are top-notch. From stories to reels, to other fun features. With so many new businesses now using Instagram, it's only natural to have put up quality and professional-looking images for the business branding. The developers created PostMuse for this reason. Although Instagram allows users to view, edit and design multiple photos in a layout, PostMuse has taken it further by recommending the best picture that fits your marketing and services. What is common among apps built with Flutter is their uniqueness. And this is one of the selling points of PostMuse. In its functionality, it makes social media marketing look authentic and catchy.

PostMuse app built with Flutter


Pairing is one of the most spontaneous apps built with Flutter, and it is a widely acclaimed dating social app that connects users to their matches. It is a common fact that dating is better with Pairing, and it makes the users feel free to connect on relatively safe ground. All apps built with Flutter are advantageous because of their cross-platform ability and the creativity permitted in the seamless technology. Flutter's Instant Run feature, code modification, and automatic system update make it as easy as a native production. 

Pairing app built with Flutter


As one of the apps built with Flutter, Cryptograph provides excellent results in monitoring and tracking the latest updates on over 1,600 global cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc. Also, Cryptograph provides information on the exchange rate in maps/graphic presentations, enabling users to monitor the market movement history of their desired cryptocurrency in real-time. Cryptograph's functionality span all cryptocurrencies. And as one of the apps built with Flutter, it creates a reliable avenue to watch and monitor exchange rates, giving the users a clear understanding of the market situations.  

Cryptograph app built with Flutter

Wrap up

There are several other apps built with Flutter, which are outstanding in providing services in the area of their coverage. Some of these apps include Flydirekt, Birch Finance, NuBank, Coach Yourself Meditation, Insight Timer, Weight Tracker, Beer Me Up, SpaceX Go, and others. Although Flutter is still relatively new, there are already many applications on the framework showing its compatibility. When building an app, however, the most significant thing appears to be how to find solutions to emerging issues, such as those on Stack Overflow. As a consequence, users sometimes come up with self-innovative ideas as feedback to the app developers. Be it as it may, the flutter community is growing rapidly, and apps built with Flutter are getting better due to the creativity permitted on the framework. 

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